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my Dedication

It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve worked hard to make Hair Coloring my Specialty. It has taken years to perfect my Hair Coloring skills for the fashion-conscious client, and I’m dedicated to helping my clients look their absolute best. The styles and products have changed a lot over the years, but my dedication to serving the customer has remained the same!






I grew up in the Hair Salon. I watched my step-mom work hard behind the chair in her own salon. She enjoyed every minute of her work and she inspired me to embark on a career of my own in the Beauty Industry.



After 34 years of honing my skills in the Hair Industry I am not showing any signs of slowing down, or getting tired of the career I love. I have just moved it to a new location. I am reestablishing myself as a Professional Hair Colorist in Ormond Beach, Florida. I take great pride in serving my clients and providing them with the hair they’ve always wanted.


Come on in and see what I can do for you! My Hair Color Services will give you the beautiful, Healthy, and natural looking hair you have been looking for. Conservative or fashion-forward, we will work together to give you a style that fits your lifestyle and makes you feel beautiful and confident.

My customers are very important to me, and I’m deeply committed to making sure you get the Color & Style you’re looking for. Come see what I can do for you today!






Hair coloring

I am happy to work with you, to find the Hair Color that makes you look and feel great. Whether you need something more Natural looking or you want to change your entire look with something more daring, that’s what I’m here for.

Hair Color Pricing




From short precision haircuts to long & layered  you can go home with the look you have been longing for. I want to help you fulfill your Haircut and Style dreams.

Haircut Pricing




You can have the look you want, and feel comfortable styling it yourself at home.  I will work with you to achieve the Hair Color, Haircut and Hair Style that suits your face, your personality and your lifestyle.

Hair Styling Pricing



This client has course white and grey hair. She wanted something low maintenance that could blend it and make it look good without a lot of styling. 

The solution was Highlights and lowlights to cover some of the grey, tame it and add depth to the color without the normal every 4 to 6 week hair appointment. I cleaned up the haircut, maintaining her length and evened up the layers so she could make the most of her natural body.

Cost: $140.00


She doesn’t want to do all over Hair color that requires upkeep, but her grey has not come in evenly balanced, it’s lighter in some areas and darker in others. The solution was lowlights. I matched her natural Hair color for the lowlight formula and applied it with foils as I would if I were Highlighting. the result a more even blending of grey and natural Hair color.

Cost: $65.00


The problem here was kinky, curly, frizzy and unmanageable hair. The solution was a Brazilian Keratin Treatment. This Treatment puts Keratin back into the hair making it smooth, shiny, and manageable. lasts up to 6 months. Also touched up her Hair Color before doing the treatment.

Cost: $365.00


This client had stopped coloring her hair to see how her grey would grow in. As it turned out it was very patchy, dull, and course. She doesn’t mind some maintenance and she wanted more tone to her hair. The solution was to Color a level lighter than her natural Hair color with a neutral tone, and add in some highlights to give some definition to her thick hair. This will also help to blend her grey if she can’t get to the salon for her retouch in 4-6 weeks.