I’ve Had my Eye on hairstyles for Years

Style Sensibility From One Generation to Another

With an eye for color and detail, I can provide you with the quality and style you’re looking for. Your hairstyle is an important part of how you look and feel, and I’ve been focused on Hair since the day I started Hair College 34 years ago.

With a strong focus on Hair Color, the way it is applied, what is the best shade for the clients skin tone, when to Foil or balayage, what pattern of application best follows the Haircut, what formula is going to work best with the client’s underlying pigment and get him or her the Hair Color they want. I want you to get what you love and what you want your hair to be. Hair Color & Hair Styles are always changing. I can take you through all of those changes while maintaining the health of your hair each time you visit the salon? Come on in and see what’s new today!